Do you want to integrate into a new environment quicker and better?

Do you want to integrate into a new environment quicker and better?

When arriving in Austria, unexpected cultural differences may arise. Often the most common challenges stem from cross-cultural misunderstandings in communication with locals. A simple gesture, benign in your home country, may inadvertently convey the wrong message. Such misinterpretations can lead to a chilly reception, leaving you feeling isolated - a stark contrast to the norm in your native culture. This sense of exclusion can have a ripple effect, impacting your professional performance. Our workshop is designed to break this cycle.

We equip you with the tools to decode cultural signals, ensuring that you not only understand the subtleties of Austrian customs but also embrace them, fostering a sense of belonging and enhancing your professional interactions. Join us to bridge the cultural divide and thrive in your new setting.

This intercultural training can be booked as coaching for a single person or as a training/ workshop for a group of employees and their spouses.

You will:

  • Develop an understanding of cultural differences
  • Approach business meetings with confidence 
  • Build rapport with colleagues 
  • Navigate cultural nuances with ease  
  • Understand Austrian business etiquette


  • Discussions
  • Interactive activities
  • Role plays and simulations 
  • Q&A and hand-outs

Key topics:

  • Culture shock
  • Theory about cultural differences and values
  • Short Austrian history, geographical and economic overview
  • Vienna (population, districts, residential areas) and the Viennese
  • Practical information about daily life
  • Interaction with Austrian
  • Values of Austrian society