Do you want to integrate into a new environment quicker and better?

Do you want to integrate into a new environment quicker and better?

When arriving in Austria, unexpected cultural differences pop up. The most common problems are usually cross-cultural misunderstandings in communication with locals. A gesture may make a wrong impression. You may not be aware why they have created a frosty atmosphere and feel isolated, after all their behavior could be quite normal back in their home country. Feeling excluded and on your own can affect one’s professional performance. Our workshop prevents this vicious circle. 

This Intercultural training can be booked as coaching for a single person or as a training/workshop for a group of employees and their spouses.

You will:

  • Be aware of cultural differences
  • Feel confident during a business meeting 
  • Get along with colleagues 
  • Avoid embarrassing situations due to cultural differences  
  • Understand Austrian business etiquette


  • Discussions
  • Interactive activities
  • Role plays and simulations 
  • Q&A and hand-outs

Key topics:

  • Culture shock
  • Theory about cultural differences and values
  • Short Austrian history, geographical and economic overview
  • Vienna (population, districts, residential areas) and the Viennese
  • Practical information about daily life
  • Interaction with Austrian
  • Values of Austrian society