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All applications and legal advice are handled by our lawyers.

All applications and legal advice are handled by our lawyers.

Austria offers different kinds of residence and work permits, whether you are an EU/EEA citizen or a third-country national. Whether you are hiring from abroad or are going to work, study, or start a business in Austria yourself, there is a suitable permit, and our law team is ready to assist!

Austria is known for its complicated and time-consuming bureaucracy in terms of immigration from non-EU countries. 

But no worries! Our lawyers have detailed knowledge of all different types of permits. Their know-how and years of experience prevent you from time-consuming mistakes.


We are happy to assist you, your employees, and your families in the following kinds of permits, both for first application and prolongation:

Red-white-red skilled workers in shortage occupation

Austria has a huge demand for professionals in many fields, like IT, engineering, etc. It is a bit easier to get a work permit if you specialize in those industries. Bear in mind that job-specific education is a must.

Red-white-red-key workers

Getting a job offer still does not mean you are automatically able to get a work permit. Being a specialist with professional education and some years of experience, you will definitely qualify for this type of permit as it is the one covering almost all professions

Red-white-red highly qualified workers

If you are an experienced employee, have been in a CEO position, or have some academic titles, you may qualify for this type of permit.

Qualified specialists in different fields, such as MINT subjects, or researchers, can also apply for it.

Blue Card

Like red-white-red, but a bit different.

A type of work permit that has some benefits in comparison to the red-white-red ones. Higher education and a couple of further criteria are compulsory. Starting from a certain level of income, the Blue card is possible.

Red-white-red plus family members

Family members of most employees apply for this kind of residence permit. When coming to Austria, get informed about this type of permit. The plus enables you to work for any company in Austria on the same level as your partner.


So, you have received an acceptance letter and are now moving on to the next step – a residence permit. This permit enables you to study, but not to work (additional permition required). It is a bit more complicated than it sounds, especially when it comes to financial means.

Graduates of Austrian universities

As you graduate from an Austrian university, you get a chance to look for a job and change your residence permit for this type of red-white-red card. A complete university degree in Austria is, of course, a must.


Are you pursuing a scientific career and planning to do some research at one of the accredited research institutions in Austria? This type of permit is exactly the one you need and the name speaks for itself.

Intra-corporate transfers

Your main employer in a different country offers you a project in Austria for 1-3 years? Companies with various offices around the globe are entitled to apply for this kind of permit for their employees. 

Family member of EU-citizen/Austrian

As a wife or husband of an Austrian or EU citizen, you may receive the Family reunification permit. The one for EU citizens is a bit easier than for those married to an Austrian, but both of them require a basic set of papers.

Settlement permit employment

For certain special cases of dependent employment in Austria a “settlement permit – special cases of dependent gainful occupation” can be granted, this applies, for example, to foreign media respondents, university professors or teachers at international schools.

Settlement permit employment excluded

Austria is a great place to stay and if you agree with us and just want to move here to spend some years or retire here, this is the right one for you. It allows you to live independently without being employed and having savings or regular income from anywhere else.

Our attorneys specializing in immigration law ensure that your international employee’s entry into Austria is smooth.