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Our Relocation Service​

There are many questions about pregnancy and childbirth when expecting a baby in a foreign country. The good news is that the Austrian health system enjoys an excellent international reputation.


We support your employee and his family with information about hospitals and prenatal clinics.

Baby on the way​

Once your new employee arrives in Austria, we will take him and his family for an orientation tour through Vienna. We take into account his preferences and interests, which we already know from our initial contacts via Skype and email. We will show the newcomers the most attractive residential areas and together we will visit shopping districts and markets. 


We also provide information about the housing market and living in Austria. We explain the land and people as well as local customs. We let you know about what is important in everyday life such as using the healthcare system, public transport, knowing how schools operate and about parking regulations.

The first impression counts

Once a home is found your new employee will start settling down to life in Austria. First of all we start with a systematic search for a suitable apartment or house according to your employee requirements profile. Our selection focuses on the most suitable places based on the needs of your employee. We do not work exclusively with one real-estate agency and we know the entire housing market in the city. 


We help your employee with:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Electricity, gas, water
  • Telephone (landline, mobile)
  • Internet 
  • TV, radio 

Finding an apartment/a house in Austria​

While your new employee is settling in, there are usually many questions we are happy to answer and information we can give about his new location.


Here are some of the most popular themes:

  • Parking in Vienna and other Austrian cities
  • Banking and money transfers
  • Pharmacy opening hours 
  • Waste separation
  • What to do and how to behave in an emergency?
  • Where to shop 
  • Using public transport
  • Leisure activities and clubs
  • Cultural and theatre activities
  • Wining and dining

Support after moving in​

In our workshop "Austria is different" we assist your international employee to settle in. At the start of his stay the most common problems are usually cross-cultural misunderstandings about communication with locals. Making a gesture or how you look or don’t look at people may create the wrong impression and lead to misunderstanding and confusion.


Usually your new employee may not be aware why they have created a frosty atmosphere and feel isolated, after all their behaviour could be quite normal back in their home country. Feeling excluded and on your own instead of being made to feel welcome can affect a person’s professional performance. Our workshop prevents this vicious circle. 


Objectives of the workshop:

  • Gain a better understanding of Austrian business culture
  • Get to know Austrian society and way of life
  • Avoid embarrassing situations
  • Avoiding potential communication pitfalls


Contents of the workshop:

  • Cultural “similarities and differences”
  • Austrian history and regional studies
  • Interesting facts about Austria
  • Language, expressions, and gestures of Austrians
  • "In the restaurant", "shopping", "social life",
  • Emancipated women
  • Dress codes
  • Right way to address someone: “Du” (informal)/”Sie” (formal), academic titles

Austria is different​

If your employee moves with his family to Austria, we will help him find suitable schools for his children. Whether they are international schools with foreign-language teaching, private schools or public schools – we know the most suitable institutions and how to go about registration procedure.


For younger children we can organize a place in a kindergarten or provide reliable, private childcare contacts.

Schools and childcare​

If your employee decides to bring his car to Austria, we will carry out all the necessary administrative procedures and legal obligations – making sure of the technical checks, vehicle approval, and handling of the registration and insurance. On request, we also assist with the purchase of a new car in Austria.


Important: Driving licenses from non-EU states must be changed to an Austrian driving license within six months. We can assist your employees with all formalities.

Bringing the car​

If your employee is starting his job in Austria with little notice, we organize temporary accommodation in an apartment hotel until finding a new home.​

„Luggage only“​

When your employee is saying goodbye to Austria – leave the organization to us! While your employee is already preparing to move to the next country, there are still many things to be done in Austria – such as the organization of necessary repairs before giving up the apartment.


You can rely on us when to properly cancel registrations with the local authorities as well as the health and social insurances. It saves your employee time and energy and lets him plan and organize his next move. 


If you are inviting a group of employees and/or customers to an event in Austria and wish to offer them a cultural programme, then we would be pleased to arrange a guided tour of the Vienna with it’s famous landmarks and rich heritage.​

Cultural programme for your visitors​