Parking ticket

You might have also already experienced the jungle of parking signs in Vienna.Unfortunately disregarding them can often cause problems or fines.


Parking without having paid for it (if you are parking in most of the districts of Vienna where parking is subject to a short time parking fee)

  • If you park in a forbidden zone, such as loading zone, handicapped zone
  • If you park with the tires on the pavement

At the moment such a parking ticket costs € 36 or more.

In case you park on a spot blocking or endangering traffic (e.g. if the tramway cannot go through or if you park in front of a garage exit), then your car will be towed pretty quickly. This then becomes really expensive (€ 264 plus € 10 per day).

The cars are usually kept in the 11th district where they can be fetched 24 hours a day, every day.

The responsible authority is the Magistrat 48, Jedletzbergerstraße 1, 11th district

Tel: +43 1 760 43

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Alserstrasse 28/17a, 1090 Wien – Austria