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Experience is a solid basis for a company. In 1999 Angelika Brenner-Cecerle und Martine Pey founded recom relocation company based on their own know-how and experiences of what it’s like to live and work abroad.


Martine Pey arrived in Vienna in the early 1990s as foreign exchange student – and stayed. “Back then I needed a residency permit. Not only was the bureaucratic process exhausting but looking for a home was an adventure,” the French co-founder remembers. After her study, she started an international corporate career and passed on her experiences how to settle-in in Vienna on to others. ”Even top managers were dependent on the goodwill of their colleagues,” Pey says. 


Martine Pey & Angelika Brenner-Cecerle recognised the need for such services and set-up recom relocation company which since then has helped companies to bring their top executives and specialists to Austria. 


Angelika Brenner-Cecerle took over the area of customer relationship. “As an Austrian, this was reserved for me”, she says with a knowing smile. 


Angelika Brenner-Cecerle and Martine Pey are still leading the company with enthusiasm and commitment and are proud of their 20 years experience and  their loyal clients.

The first contact


The Skype call with recom relocation company is usually the first contact for top international employees with Austria. “For us it's about our customer’s employees and we make sure that they feel looked after right from the start. We do everything we can to find the best solutions for our customers, also when something is out of the ordinary,” emphasizes Brenner-Cecerle. Even with the standard task of finding a place to live we go one step further. “We have a good overview of the housing market,” says Pey.


The recom relocation company not only has a comprehensive network of contacts but it is solution oriented working on behalf of its international clientele. Angelika Brenner-Cecerle: “Even after many years of cross-cultural encounters, there are still many surprises. Our job not only includes expertise but also soft skills such as empathy, sensitivity and flexibility.“

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