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Professional advice, perfect papers​

Precise Procedure​

We make sure that your employee is well prepared and looked after while on his way to Austria. We will give him a detailed description of all the steps of the approval process in advance. This will help him understand each point in the procedure, clearly explaining what steps recom relocation company will take care of as well as the paper work that needs to be completed in his home country.


Every day counts: this is why we contact your employee within 24 hours after the contract approval between you and recom. First of all we clarify which documents he needs for moving to and working in Austria – either on his own or accompanied by his family. The documents are then processed with due diligence and precision. We make sure that all applications are completed correctly and submitted to the relevant authorities on time.


Right from your first contact with recom relocation company you will receive the best professional advice. We make sure that your international employee’s move to Austria is smooth and efficient.


Austria is known for its complicated and time-consuming bureaucracy concerning immigration of citizens coming from non-EU countries. But don‘t worry! We know each of the 20 different types of permits for your employee whether it is the red-white-red-card for highly qualified and key personnel, the work and residence permit for posted workers, applications for a volunteer posting or blue card applications we are able to deal with it.


With our know- how you will avoid time consuming mistakes. We know the right people and the shortest routes through the administrative jungle.

Perfect papers​

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